Light-Footed Mercenary Carlo Edit

Warrior Warrior


1 star







Hard Cut (2 Mana)

Deal moderate damage to one enemy in front of you.

Ability None
Quest To Be Unbreakable

Available upon obtaining him.

Profile A mercenary of the Soldier's Guild. He hates being tied down, so he enjoys the mercenary life. After meeting on the battlefield, he joins the group.

Personality Edit

Carlo isn't one to reminisce. He even claims not to remember a mercenary he once worked with but then lets slip that the man is married. He much prefers the presence of pretty ladies. A sensible man, he is able to recognize when the odds are stacked unfavorably and acts accordingly. His philosophy doesn't allow for memorials. He deems the act of honoring everyone who falls in battle to be a heartbreaking burden and suggests alternatively that life be celebrated in general.

Trivia Edit

  • He is a former member of the "Tiger Fangs", the cheapest mercenaries around with "the highest turnover rate."


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