Apprentice Warrior Eddy Edit



1 star







Dark Edge (1 Mana)

Deal light damage to all surrounding enemies.


Trapped Rat

Attack power rises when HP is less than 1/2.

Quest A Warrior's Lesson

Place: Breezeway

Wipe Away the Tears

Quest Conditions:

Required lvl: 10

Time to Claim Victory

Quest Conditions:

Required lvl: 20

Profile A youth who recently joined the Soldier's Guild after losing his parents to the war. After bungling his mission and falling into trouble, he was saved by the group. Now, he fights with them when he has the chance.

Personality Edit

After being saved by Volunteer Army, Eddy refuses to run away from a fight. Due to his recklessness, he does find himself getting into trouble with the Volunteer Army, the Hero putting him on chore duty as a result. Despite this, he is a humble young man able to quickly own up to his mistakes.

Eddy looks up to Phoena, claiming she reminds him of his mom. He strives to protect her, hoping to live up to his father's expectations that he become strong enough to safeguard those he cares about.


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